Which bookmaker does not require a passport

In this article we will try to answer the question: “why does a bookmaker need a passport”?

The times when it was possible to play in a bookmaker’s office incognito are a thing of the past. The new legislation clearly prescribes that bookmakers must act as a tax agent and collect income tax. As a result, the identification procedure became mandatory.

Offline BKs

When playing through offline betting outlets betting fans should be prepared for the fact that without showing a civil document they will not only not be paid the winning money, but even in case of what they will not accept the bet.

The client identification requirement is one of the cornerstones of the new anti-corruption legislation, not only in Russia, but also internationally, so there are no special rules for Russians. The only exception is that in our country it is customary to consider only a passport as an identity document, while Europeans have the option of showing a driver’s license and other documents that have a picture of the person.

Online betting

The game in the bookmaker’s office online has its own differences from betting through betting shops.

The main difference is that a player does not have to confirm his identity when placing each bet.

It is connected with the fact that during the registration he is offered to enter his passport data into the questionnaire to be filled in. In the future, the client plays through his personal account, logging in through a username and password. Thus, the identity of the player is confirmed at the time of login to his page.

In addition, require the player’s documents and when trying to withdraw funds from the gaming account. Such a procedure is called verification and requires not only the provision of basic data from the passport, and download a scanned copy of the main page on the site. This is done to make sure that the person, who registered in the betting company, is really planning to withdraw money from the account.

This procedure is used by the vast majority of betting companies, so you should not expect a catch and fraudulent actions. As a means of insurance, especially vigilant ones can upload a scan of the passport with the inscription “for the bookmaker’s office” or “sample”. It will be impossible to use such a copy.

Now it is clear what the passport in a bookmaker’s office is for

The passport is required primarily to protect the player himself from the actions of fraudsters, especially when playing through the Internet, especially risky in terms of the abundance of various viruses and spyware.

The main moments when the documents may be requested:

  • When receiving or requesting a bonus;
  • When withdrawing funds;
  • At restoration of access to the account (have forgotten the password, etc.);
  • When blocking the account.

Which bookmaker offices do not require a passport

Answering the question about which bookmaker’s offices don’t require a passport, one may assume that the bookmakers blocked on the territory of the country will be covered by this definition. But again, don’t flatter yourself: if such a bookmaker won’t ask for your passport details when depositing money, it won’t mean you won’t be asked for one when requesting a withdrawal.

Given today’s conditions, it is not worth looking for offices that do not require passport details. The possibility of remaining incognito is guaranteed to increase the risk of fraud.